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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Buddies

In our group of friends there are an inordinate amount of September birthdays.   (Probably something about the holidays and term pregnancies being 9-10 months.)

So for efficiency purposes we had a collective birthday party for these total babes:

4 birthdays in 4 weeks. One party.

The maestra of all party-hosting pulled out all the stops and made us all feel like queens of the party.  There were flowers for our hair, how could you not feel like royalty?

We feasted on fruits and entree salads with fresh baked corn bread with honey butter. My taste buds were having a rave in my mouth.

Oh and this intensely moist mint chocolate bunt cake with ice cream was gooey goodness happened.  I could have eaten the whole thing. I almost snuck the half we didn't eat out the door in my purse and would have gladly sacrificed my purse in the name of this cake.

Headbands made by hand.  So crafty.

And party favors!

We told stories that made us laugh until we cried.  This usually happens but we usually don't tell stories about crapping your pants in Ikea or peeing you pants at the gym.  We save those stories for special occasions, such as this.

And remember when someone is blowing out candles, shout "swallow." Gets 'em every time.

Much love, gratitude and best wishes for everyone there.  It's going to be a good year, I can almost feel it.  


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