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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trippin' - Day the Last

We called Williams, AZ home base for our trip which is a little town off historic Routee 66.  There were lots of motorcyclists and Europeans. It's a place desperately trying to keep alive the romaticism of America in the 50s and the Wild West of the pioneers alive. It's a bit strange, but everything I was hoping for.  As you can see:

They sell alien jerky.  Which to my best deductive reasoning skills can only be classified as dried mangos. 

I've returned back to Phoenix with a really awesome sinus infection. My system doesn't like the varying temperatures (AC to melting hot) and unfamiliar smells of motels. Sister had this fancy home remedy trick where you basically breathe in boiling apple cider vingear which loosens all the junk in allows it to flow out.  Gross; I know.  But it works like a charm. During the 5-7 minutes while your face is over the water you think you might sufficate to death, but that passes and you arise a snotty, yet breathing, mess.    

So that's my least favorite part of this trip.  But everything else has reached beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.  I saw things I've never seen and done things I've never done. 

I'm ready for whatever great big glorious thing that is coming next!


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