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Monday, August 27, 2012

Title-less, because I just can't.

I've got a little birthday coming up and my dearest friends are helping me celebrate.  I struggled over which adjective to use for my 30th birthday celebration due to my adverseness to cliches.
For example: 
I am so over "Dirty" thirty.  
I don't exactly embody the "flirty" thirty, at least not in the traditionally overt way.  
So by process of elimination the party has been deemed the SQUIRTY 30. 
(Trust me: I googled words the rhyme with "thirty" and it is that very short list.)

Yes, I know, you're too.  But I actually find it less offensive than the other words.  And because, when was the last time you had squirt guns at your party?  It's been too long and you know it.

So the invite went out to the crew.

It started like this, cute and innocent:

Then AE responded:

Then HV clarified:

Then AE responded and Fanta was disciminated against:

Then pinatas got involved: 

Then it got real:

And we ended here:

For the record I'm bringing animal print gangster hats, neon shutter shades, squirt guns and hugs for my friends who make me laugh so hard.

Stay tuned for pictures of the main event.  
It promises to be squirtastic! (<---will catch on, you wait and see)


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