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Friday, August 17, 2012

Tripping - Day 2 (aka: Mission Complete)

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to see the Grand Canyon.  It became my mission to see it before turning 30 and today mission became complete.  It couldn't have been more amazing. 

Top 3 Highlights:

Ilsa picked up a prickly pear and while removing the needles from her fingers was smacked in the head by a tree and then stepped in a catcus which needles pierced through her sneakers.  I almost died laughing.  Nature's karma is a bitch. 

A grown man conquering his fear of heights while walking out on one of the points eyes closed holding onto the hand rail.  When he reached Ilsawho was also standing at the railing  he proceed to wrap his arms around her in order to maintain contact with the railing.  He was today's hero. 

We hiked out to Yaki Point.  You could see both east and west views of the canyon.  It was just Ilsa, I and the Grand Canyon.  Quiet and serene.  I said a little gratitude prayer and found peace.

At dinner tonight we were laughing and chatting and Ilsa says, "You seem really happy."  and my respone was a mere, "I am."

So, let's go ahead and cross that off the list; I can turn 30 now. 


(More to come later as reception is questionable at best here and this is all I could get off my phone.)


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