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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Better than Autocorrect

We have this fancy technology that transcribes voicemails into emails. 

It's amazing. Expecially when it works out to say this:

Good afternoon Dr. B_________. I hope this message finds you well my name is ______.I had a chance you get a brief recruiting I actually can't.

Recall elevator briefly sensual correspondence via mail with the photo whatever reminder in addition to an email message if you would give me a call at xxxxxxxx. I will be there messy appreciate it thank you so much have a great day bye bye.

I can't even imagine what the original voicemail said because I'm thinking it's said exactly how you would say "brief sensual correspondence" when wanting to be recruited.

So, this is your public service announcement to articulate when you leave voicemails. You never know what the computer will hear and then make you sound like a pervert. 


Nikki said...

hilarious! we got this at my work about a year ago and it's so fun. everyone else has it turned off because they find it annoying. i find it a reason to come to work in the morning.

by the by, we met once through melissa kirby (went to purple, then to something at benaroya maybe?) and she suggested your blog. this was like 3 years ago. i'm choosing to lurk no longer :) it's been a fun read.

Miss C said...

Yes of course, Nikki! I remember. Thanks for lurking, (we all do it).

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