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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fire Mistress and S'mores

BBQ Round 2 was in West Seattle, where Nate and Melissa hosted quite the shindig to officially welcome summer on July 5th. At the end of the night we gathered around the fire pit and made s'mores.  Without kindling, a fire is tough to get started, unless you're me.  Due to my part human, part pyro-maniac, I can made fire happen in the dead of winter.

I turned this:

Into this:

And I was thus deemed the Fire Mistress.

At the suggestion of others, we also made open-face s'mores, which if you have not tried, prepare to have your mind blown.  After just a few more simple steps in this s'more process, your s'more making and consumption paradigm will shift to places beyond reality.  Just follow these simple steps:

1.) Roast the Mallow
2.) Place roasted mallow on top of chocolate, that is on top of graham
3.) Place open-face s'morewhich BACK ON THE FIRE, preferably on rack so as to make removal easier. 


4.) Watch closely as it becomes oozy melted goodness.
5.) Risk life and limb to remove open s'morewhich from bottom of fire pit
6.) Place other graham on top
7.) Squish with care, watching that no gooey goodness is lost off the sides
8.)  Consume.

Repeat until sick to stomach.

It's a few more steps, but it's worth the melted chocolaty goodness of this summer treat.   


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