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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Countdown: 1 Day

Consider this a public service announcement: Your tax return is due in 1 day.
Countdown to Anahata (The Farm): 1 Day

Ilsa called and was screaming at me today. Screaming. Screaming for joy, I think. I think the real purpose of her call was to 1.) tell me about the hawks nest with the baby hawks, 2.) share wha a beautiful day it was on the farm, 3.) make me laugh. Her day consisted of spreading cow manure. She was going to wait until I got there to help. I secretly thought, “Spreading cow-s is not my idea of a vacation.” But hanging in the sun with forest and fields…that, my friends, is a vacation.

I’m so ready I could burst.

Best things said all day:

“Does this look like a lot to you?” – Boss man referring to his Due Date Monitor (Yes, now would be a good day to look at your Due Date Monitor. And Yes, 3 pages does seem like a lot. Yes, yes it does.)

“I’m going to run out of days and when I do, its not going to be pretty.” – Boss man (Really? It being April 14th and all…)


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