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Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Thoughts: Round Three - Week of 3/30

  • Someone called me “svelte” today. I appreciated that because 1.) it was a compliment; and 2.) stellar word choice.
  • "To make $10,000.00 how many jars of pickles do I need to sell?" is like a really bad SAT question....but I’m working on it. Along with researching pickling associations, canning pickles, garlic festivals, and how to start a business in Massachusetts, and rates for renting a CDC kitchen in Greenfield. That’s for a whole separate post.
  • Wow, chocolate really is amazing…I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some really good stuff recently.
  • I’m about to fall asleep while on hold with British Airways trying to confirm my boss’s seats for his trip to Scotland. Not to sound ungrateful but this is 4 years of higher education working at its finest. Oozing pride as I write and wait.
  • Its snowed today….its April in Seattle.
  • Be joyful.
  • So over the rain.
  • My boss was literally pounding his head on his desk this morning….that’s what busy season does to you.
  • I love when songs come on the radio and remind me of a really great memory and I can’t help but smile. This happened twice today.
  • A guy on the street yesterday asked me where the closest Starbucks was. I thought, “Look around dude, this is Seattle.” I said, “Go to the end of the block, take a right, and it’s on your left.”


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