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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Vacation

I wish I could give you a play by play of the farm vacation but 1.) you really don’t care that much and 2.) I don’t have that kind of time.

But I will do an extended post on the highlights, observations and musings. More details with likely come out as this trip cannot be summed up here.

I had really no expectations of how this vacation was going to be but it soon became clear that this was like no other “vacation” I had ever been on. Ilsa and I spent a few minutes trying to rename this trip and came to a cross between agro-tourism, alternative vacation, manual labor camp. It will take me a few days to really process everything but I do know that from this trip I gathered a new appreciation for food, manual labor, my place and position of privilege, hot showers, and friendship. I learned that value of sweat equity is immeasurable. I have a renewed sense of hope, spirit, optimism and faith. And I saw the power of prayer and action come to life.

Things I did: Raked, hiked, shoveled manure, transplanted seedlings, removed rocks from the fields, rescued barb wire from the forest, picked up litter, removed roots, demolished a dog house, built a deer fence, ate, laughed, relaxed, soaked up the sun, got soaked by the rain, watched a thunderstorm, fell asleep to the pouring rain, saw a moose, porcupine, raccoon, wild turkey, turkey vulture, hawks, slept, cooked, dunkin’ dought-ed, read, and so much more.

Besides the many “first” listed above, here are some notable first: First time in a laundry mat, first time to OHOP pizza with “The West Wing” shrine, first time eating fava beans, rice cakes with peanut butter, and leeks, first time not able to get the dirt out from under my toe nails, first time cutting a guy’s hair, plus a few more.

Things I did not do: Shave, cry, blow dry my hair, put on makeup, miss the office, drive a car, sit in traffic, wake up to an alarm, or anything else really related to city living.

One of the best things about mine and Ilsa friendship is our ability to talk the same talk, be brutally honest with each other with no judgment or resentment, and laugh at the ridiculousness of life. Here are just a few conversation highlights.

Pseudo Athleticism
Just Getting Back from my run while getting ready to shovel manure:
I: Look at you and your pseudo-athletic look.
C: Wait, are you saying that I’m pseudo athletic or the my look is pseudo athletic?
I: Your look! YOU are in no way athletic at all!
C: Thanks.

Clive Owen Talk
After I was deep into watching “The West Wing” before sleeping
I: Wait…So does that mean you’re chaste now?
I remove earphones
C: I guess?
I: So, you’re telling me that if Clive Owen walked through the door right now you wouldn’t sleep with him?
C: That’s a ridiculous question! Clive Owen, under no circumstance will walk through that door.
I: Ok, but hypothetically, if Clive Owen were to walk through that door, you’re telling me you would not sleep with him.
C: (Long Pause) Well….
I: C’mon.
C: Well, no, (insert long explanation here about emotionless sex, my inabilities to participate in such, blah blah blah)
I: Oh ok, cool. Back to your show. Thanks for the summit.
C: Thanks, glad we sorted that out.
My Thoughts: Make-out session, absolutely.

Grocery Store Trip
We were sent to the grocery store to pick up milk. We came back with 10 bags of groceries. Ilsa says, “Never send two skinny hungry girls to the grocery store.”

After Removing 250’ of barb wire from the forest, Ilsa calls the hardware store to inquire about the cost of barb wire:
I: Yes, Hello, How are you? Can you tell me how much your barbwire costs?
Hardware Store Owner (In the loudest most Massachusetts accent): $69.99 for a quarter mile
My thoughts: Are you effing kidding me?
C: Oh, that’s great!

All in all, awesome trip. Awesome friendship. Awesome way to celebrate a beginnings new.


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