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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Arrived in Seattle on April 5, 2009

Woke up ear-ly to meet Randy and Erin at the Pancake Carole in Bellevue. Rainier Mountain was out in its full glory. Enjoyed strawberry pancakes, hash browns, and great conversation.

Sun was rising and the air was fresh.

Drove to mom’s and dad’s to meet mom to drive to Mt. Vernon to meet with more family. Mt. Baker majestically silhouetted against the sky. Enjoyed a lovely lunch with Auntie Nadine, Mom and friends. Surrounded in heat as the sun warmed the drive.

Sun was out and it was beautiful.

Drove back home to mom and dad’s. Gave Big Red a bath. She sparkles now. Was a very reflective, thoughtful and productive car washing. I realized I’ve been washing cars from the same brown bucket my entire life. It could quite possibly be the most perfect bucket if there were such a thing. I hope that bucket never gets a hole. Not sure I’ll be able to wash a car without it.

Sun was glowing and warm.

Retreating from the indoors, I crawled into the truck bed of Dad’s Ford. Rolled up the jeans, took off the shoes, removed as many layer of clothes as to remain modestly appropriate should a wild animal came across my path and I need to dart for safety. I basked in the sun. Started a new book. Listened to the birds and felt the sun soaking into my wintered skin.

Sun couldn’t satiate quick enough.

Today was the real first day of spring after a very long winter. I could go on metaphorically speaking, but I mean it as literal as possible. The sun literally tingled my skin. The birds were lively and active. The country fields were colorful and flourishing. I wish there were a grander word for “glorious” that I knew, because that’s the word I would use.

Did I mention the sun?....Glorious.


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