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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Countdown: 6 Days

Consider this a public service announcement: Your tax return is due in 6 days.

Countdown to Anahata (The Farm): 6 Days

For today’s countdown, I’m nourishing my inner list-maker and going to town.

What I Won’t Do on Vacation:
Checking email
Doing my hair
Putting on make up
Driving Bid Red (although she will be safe in Bellevue at the car-sitter’s)
Wearing a skirt

Things I Might Do on Vacation:
Go into the big city
Watch the sunrise…(I wouldn’t count on it)
Get eaten alive by mosquitoes
Dig in dirt
Physical labor as much as my poor excuse of muscles can do

What I Will Do on Vacation:
Cook lots of healthy, organic food.
Read….I’m only bringing 5 books
Ride a bike
Laugh…a lot
Make decisions
Move on
Watch the sun set


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