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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Countdown: 7 Days

Consider this a public service announcement: Your tax return is due in 7 days.

Countdown to Anahata (The Farm): 7 days

Its snowing in Petersham apparently. Better there than here because if we have any more snow in Seattle, someone might go postal. Not me, I love the snow, but someone. The forecast for Petersham is cold at night, warmish during the day and mostly dry. If I didn’t think “thumbs up” was a really lame way to express something good, I would give the weather a thumbs up.

There were wild turkey and a porcupine in the back yard on the farm yesterday. I hope I get to see them.

I got my “PreFlight Notification” in the inbox today. It sent a quick twinge of fear because there really is so much to do before I go. We’ll see if it gets done.


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