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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adventures Sure To Be Had

So much to blog about so little time and energy.  Here's an update:

1.) The other Executive Assistant at work quit her job today. Straight up quit via email.  Anyone else notice that it's six weeks before the deadline and the tax department now has no assistant?!  My first question when finding out the news was appropriately, "Can I still go on vacation tomorrow?"  Yes, yes I can.  

2.) The NY Times posted this essay this weekend that spoke to my bookish soul.  I've thought this for years. Check it out and if it resonates with you, we should be friends. While you're at it, head over to the Opinion section.  I'd like to give a thumbs up (if I believed in them, but I don't) to Nicholas Kristoff's recent column, Learning from the Sins of Sodom, for his perspective on liberals and faith-based charitable organizations.  I've also been working my way through McSweeny's Open Letters to People or Entities that are Unlikely to Respond. Particularly the open letters to "My Cubicle" and "Ann Coulter."  I'm excited to write my own letter but I need something witty and unsuspecting. Suggestions?

3.) My sister is totally preggers.  It's the first one for our family and I couldn't be more excited.  Matt (bro-in-law) will likely be deployed so I'll head over to hang with Sara and "It" for a few weeks in October.  I am beaming but mildly concerned about the sympathy weight I'll be gaining.  I'm also making a list of how to be the world best aunt.  I've got a few ideas so far.

4.) BFF comes to town tomorrow.  Well, really in about 12 hours.  She called to warn me today that she only has farm clothes.  We then discussed my superhuman sleeping powers and her inability to sleep at all.  She said that she'll just wake up and stare out the window.  We're practically elderly people.

5.)  I still have to pack. I loathe packing almost as much as I loathe John Mayer, folding laundry, Robert Pattinson, and cinnamon gum.  Although, packing isn't as pointless/useless as all those other things.

6.) I still have to find my driver's license.  I have no idea where it is.  No idea. This could be a problem given the 8 HOURS OF DRIVING I'll be doing this weekend.

7.) I got my mani/pedi tonight and with my facial this weekend I feel blissfully feminine. Surely such things are in heaven.  

Been a rough couple days guys, but I've got 4 days of vaca and the Pacific Ocean with the BFF in the near future.  Adventures are sure to be had.


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