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Saturday, March 27, 2010

All Star Reunion!

Back in the day, (i.e. sophomore year of college) a group of unsuspecting college undergrads met and became the All Stars.  3/4 of us are still in the area and on the very rare occasion we can coordinate schedules, we get together.

JR (now JJ): Was the first person to call me Miss C. It was JR's 21 run that bar top dancing may have been involved and I was the most hung over I've ever been (at least a close second).  She's the pun-niest girl I know and man, the girl can dance. When ever I hear Usher's Yeah!, I think of her and smile. I heart her.

ML:  The only non-boyfriend to ever see me in asthma and panic attack mode.  It's beyond unflattering and embarrassing but that's also why we'll likely always be friends. He's the biggest Husky fan and an accountant who understands the woes of the industry. He's also a total dreamboat. I heart him.  

This might be the only picture I have of us when we all first met, so young...and tan:

Seven-ish years later, I feel so lucky to call these guys my friends.  

We still heart Dunbar but he's off in Chicago being all married and working toward the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons or some such business. I hope.

(Tip of the hat to LJBH who allowed us to be the All-Stars. Speaking for the group, we wouldn't be who we are today without you.)


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