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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Fact: I have a habit of fainting at the kitchen sink. Except over the years I've gotten better at recognizing the symptoms and quickly getting to a place where I don't hurt myself.  (The first time it happened I fainted, fell down the stairs and landed head first on the landing and cut my chin open. I remember that not feeling so great.)

This morning I woke up not feeling quite right.  In fact, I felt a lot wrong.  I was able to get into the shower and thought I'd feel better afterward, but when I was standing at the kitchen sink the world started spinning, a wave of heat rushed over and everything went black. Like it does when you're on the verge of losing consciousness.


Now usually what happens next when you come to is that you go into shock.  Well, thats what I do.  Lots of shaking, sweating, difficulty breathing and alike.  I was some how able to get to my bed because I know that first thing you are suppose to do is get your legs above your heart. Dad comes home, finds this hot mess and swings into action. Within a few minutes, the shock had subsided for the most part and I was left recovering in bed.   

Needless to say, I stayed home today, which I never do. So that was weird. I studied, read, got caught up on my Hulu queue, watched Capitalism: A Love Story (total downer) and The Wire (total downer #2) and ate comfort food.  

Not sure what brought this on. I think I'm just tired.  I think I'm just burning the candle at both ends and getting burned. I think I don't need to do this again any time in the near future.  

I'm expecting tomorrow to have more work and less fainting involved.  Fingers crossed.


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