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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's Run the Numbers

After 3 hours at Urgent Care, let's run some numbers:

4 gallons (viles) of blood
2 pokes for one IV
1 saline drip
85 cables (approx.)
16 heart monitor sticky patches
25 times my blood pressure was taken
1 dreamboat doctor - who told me to eat more potato chips.
1 gay-rific outstanding medical assistant - which is totally the person who you want putting heart monitor patches all over your heart/left boob while under florescent lighting. Significantly less awkward than it could have been.
1 kind, gentle hearted RN - who may have stabbed my twice for my IV but was so apologetic about it.  Plus we had a good chuckle about the neighbor patient's oozing toenail.
1 dred-locked chipped gold-capped tooth medical assistant
1 single tear - I just couldn't take any more poking
Benign Positional Vertigo triggering vasovagal reactions brought on by a hyper-reactive parasympathetic nervous system.

No big deal.


Holly C M said...

Sounds like an amazing condition. I think I'll memorize that one.

Are you really okay?

Miss C said...

Yes, all is well and I am on the quick road to recovery!

Sad I missed class though. I was laying there thinking, "I bet Institute is way better than this." Count me in for next week!

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