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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Bliss List

As I was lamenting to a friend this morning, she kindly pointed out that I had picked her up on the pity party train leaving the station at 9 am this Monday morning and now we were both on board. She was right, Mondays were hard enough, we didn't need to go on about the status of life affairs.  So, it seemed apropos to spend the rest of my day compiling a Bliss List.

Despite the fact that I'm exhausted beyond measure, (I thought I was seeing spots around 3 this afternoon) it was remarkably easy to assemble my Monday Bliss List.

It is, as follows:

See: Lunch in the 28th floor conference room, reading brain candy – 180 degree view of the mountains, ocean and city
Heard:  Crazy Heart Soundtrack - The Weary Kind;  Fallin' and Flyin'  (both on repeat)
Taste:  Things that are impossibly delicious:  Thin Mints and pistachios, separately of course
Touch/Feel:  It’s 64 degrees out - hand out the sunroof
Smell:  Cedar - we have a beautiful new fence and it smells like forest. Apologies to the real forest that we decimated to make this happen but if its any consolation, you smell real nice.
Tech: The brilliant Wikipedia:  In recent days I've wikipedia-ed synchronicity, collective unconscious, Noam Chomsky, Kant, bonsai, grace and The Great Gatsby (the last of which I have recently acquired an inexplicable and insatiable appetite for - it's public domain if you're interested).  This is also reflective of the randomness of my thought process and thus my life.

Sorry, friend, for bring you along my pity party train so early on a Monday morning.  Next time I will be dance party train of fun with a box of Thin Mints all to yourself.


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