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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nothing Compares

Well, as planned I woke up to the sound of the Pacific Ocean. Not too shabby I say.

First stop: Canon Beach. Canon Beach is a surfer's paradise and famous for Haystack Rock and the hundreds of tidepools that surround it.  Lucky for us we visited at low tide so we could explore.  Giant starfish, hermit crabs, sea urchins and alike, call these pools home.

Like an excited little school kid, Ilsa calls me over to a pool with neonglow colored sea uchrins are chillin.

"Check this sh** out."
Ilsa sticks her finger INTO one of the little buggers.  It starts to curl up.
"Ahhhhhhh!!"  Ilsa screams like a little school girl and jerks her hand away.  "The other ones didn't do that."
I'm laughing.  Hard.  Real hard.
Check out these vicious creatures:

Leaving her to her own exploring, I keep strolling down the beach, reveling in warmth of the sun thinking, pondering, ruminating, and such.  The tide started to come in and I thought it time to ditch the shoes and feel the sand between my toes.  The water is shockingly frigid but refreshing.

After Canon Beach we head to Tillamock, Oregon, most famous of course for cheese.  So the lactose Intolerant Vegetarian (me) and the crankly old lesbian vegetarian with an abhorance to big business (IJ) go on a self guided tour of a cheese factory. This was scary. I won't go into it but it really is frightening how large scale food production has evoled how we eat, what we eat and the price we pay for it.  But I digress, not only is it a cheese factory, but they also make creamy delicious ice cream.  I may be lactose intolerant but I can never turn down a good cone.  I'm willing to risk inevitable pain and agony for a few savory bites of creamy goodness. So I did.

The drive back up the 101 was absolutely stunning.  I've travled the eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine and nothing compares to the majesty and breathtaking beauty of the western coastline.

After we got back to the hotel, I wasn't feeling super great so a I had a bit of a snack out on the balcony and then came in for a quick nap.  THREE quick hours later, I wake up groogy to the world, but feeling much better. This makes me convinced that if people napped more, this world will be a far happier place.

We'll head home tomorrow leaving behind the quiant coastal towns, the unpolluted air and way of life.  Until then, I think I'll fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean...again.


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