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Monday, March 1, 2010

In My Face!

I’ve mentioned before that one of my talents is narrowly catching the last bus into town. Today was REALLY close. I thought if I went for a full on dead sprint, I could possibly, just maybe make it. After the first 3 blocks I was dying and I could feel imminent wheezing was just a few steps away at this pace. I turned the corner I could see the bus coming down the street. Skirt and loafers be darned, I was determined to make it. In full on graceless sprint headed toward the stop, the bus zooms by.

But, I know the driver sees me (it’s hard not to notice a 20-something in a business casual get up high tailing down the streets of white-suburbia). I think the bus is waiting for me and I run up to the door and the driver CLOSES THE DOOR IN MY FACE! She then opens it, laughs and says, “Scared you, didn’t I?” Glad someone has a sense of humor at 7:00 am because this girl does not. For reals.


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