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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pitter Patter Went Her Heart

Seattle recently teased us with temperatures in the 60s but followed that display with temperature dropping into the 30s. The blossoms are in full force, the birds are chirping and you can smell the gardenias. Day Light Savings graced us on Sunday morning which is decidedly the devil's work. I gave Big Red a much needed bath only for it to rain buckets days later. This is spring in Seattle.

Now, I am generally not a fan of spring. It’s my least favorite season. It’s tough to plan for, the misty fog does no favors for the hair and the temperature swings make outfit coordination difficult. The biggest kicker is that the pollen goes town on my sinuses that spend most of the season in a teary snotty fog. It’s how I get all the boys.

To top it all off, I find spring fashion to be generally bland with woefully muted colors like khaki and pastel. What Seattlite looks good in pastel!? Answer: no one over the age of 3.

This seemingly endless winter has been getting me down, so on Friday I boycotted the season and busted out the sky-blue striped blazer, royal blue tee, denim and nude wedges to complete my spring look. (I was even told I look like I belong on a boat in the Bahamas which, ps, I totally do belong on a boat in the Bahamas.) Today, cream cashmere sweater, jeans and crocidle brown pumps is my second attempt to will-away the drab and dreary essence that has befallen our beautiful city.

This inspired my search for spring fashion that doesn’t look like the Easter Bunny pulled a Jackson Pollock. These numbers made my heart go pitter patter for Spring.

For work:

For play:

I'll take one of each. Thanks. 


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